WE came to live in Kendal in 1969. We lived on Milnthorpe Road.

A day or two after moving in we needed to go into the town. We did not know Kendal at all. We were told that it was not far to walk.

We walked down Milnthorpe Road - this took about 10 minutes until we hit the river at Nether Bridge. We thought what a nice, clear, fast-moving river we have in Kendal.

We then took the path from Nether Bridge through Abbot Hall park along this very nice river. It was a nice walk away from the road.

Then we hit New Road. Our hearts sank - no path, but cars and wagons all over the place. Not even a laid out car park, just a mess, an eyesore right in the middle of town right next to a very nice river. We thought what a let down for the town.

This should have been sorted out 40 or more years ago. I do wonder in how many other towns with the facilities of Kendal can you park for free for all day right in the middle of the town. You might get in most towns an hour or two for free but not all day unless it is a town with nothing going for it and has few facilities.

I have a car myself and do realise that in any town there does need to be enough parking spaces. Any landowner, including the council, is not under any obligation to provide me or anyone else with free parking.

There are a lot of us around who need not use the car for short hops, as often as they do.

To tidy up the New Road area need not cost too much money. To have a nice path joining up with the path from Abbot Hall to Gooseholme would be a good thing to have along the river

M.J. Wilson