TENESSEE rockers Mona made sure my first gig at Lancaster Library will remain forever in my memory.

Vibrant and fun, this four-piece has already toured with Kings Of Leon, won MTV’s Brand New for 2011 award and released three outstanding singles.

It is testament to the tireless dedication of library gig organiser Stewart Parsons that he managed to secure such an incredible act.

Launching straight into the powerful ‘Trouble On The Way’, they easily strook up a rapport with the crowd - charismatic frontman Nick Brown stating how ‘humbling’ it was for people to come out and see them perform, and he even picked up a book off a shelf and read a few lines in a Jackanory style.

The highlight was latest single ‘Teenager’, with the band going quiet two-thirds of the way through to allow the audience to join in with the ‘oh oh oh-oh’ refrain before Nick ordered: ‘Come on, Lancaster’ and all hell broke loose as the song burst back into life.

Mona will be huge and it was an honour to witness them in the quite lovely surroundings of Lancaster Library.