HERON Hill Primary School and Kendal Squash Club are collaborating to introduce youngsters to the racket sport.

Volunteers from Kendal Squash Club have been taking mobile mini squash walls,rackets and balls into the school so that their pupils can try the game and build up their racket skills.

After weeks of after-school sessions, a cohort of youngsters made their first visit to the club last week.

Squash Club organiser Alistair Pease endorsed this, “It’s a new development for us to take squash into a school and it’s been very gratifying to see the youngsters’ enthusiasm and development of skills. We hope to build on this”

Heron Hill Primary School offers a range of sporting activities as both part of the curriculum and in after-school clubs. PE organiser Janette Foster says that the Squash Club experience will give the youngsters a whole new perspective.

The Squash Club is planning to establish a regular after-school club at its town centre facility. It is also looking at running mini-squash sessions at more primary schools.