JUDO players of all ages were treated to a special summer camp in Kendal, led by British superstar Brian Jacks.

More than 70 judo players turned out at Kendal Judo Club for its international summer training camp yesterday (August 9) for sessions ran by the Olympic, World and European Judo medalist.

Jacks, who went on to achieve stardom in the television programme 'Superstars' in the 1980s, hailed the Kendal club as the finest judo facility in the country.

"A lot of people from all walks of judo come to the Kendal summer camp," he said. "There's a lot from Sweden but they come from far and wide to be here because this is the best centre in the whole of Great Britain.

"They're completely under their own rule with their own building and dormitories. They've got everything here, including the mat from the 2012 Olympic games, I've never seen anything like it."

Joining Jacks in Kendal was Tony McConnell, the former GB team manager, and together they were giving the camp attendees a masterclass in the sport.

Jacks, embarking upon a 100-day tour to launch his autobiography 'Brian Jacks - My Life Story. The Mind-Set of a Champion', added: "I didn't really want to start yet because the book isn't out until the 18th, but because it was Kendal I had to say yes.

"I'm hoping to show them my style of judo basically. I learned judo in Japan in 1961 and I'd like to share that style with those that are here."

Mike Liptrott, chief coach at Kendal Judo Club, said it was a fantastic opportunity for those taking part.

He said: "Brian is the kind of coach that inspires young kids and that's the main reason he's here.

"He inspired the nation to get into judo. A lot of people like me know about judo because of Brian – he was one of the best judo players in Europe and even the world.

"It's great because they can get to know him, hear his story, and learn about the history of British judo.

"To put it into context, it would be like Bobby Charlton going to Kendal Town and coaching them, it just wouldn't happen (in other sports). But on a judo mat they go head to head with starts like Brian, it's just phenomenal for them."