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'Good neighbours stop rogue traders' campaign

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

10:40am Wednesday 8th October 2014

Doorstep criminals exploit vulnerable people by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or use threatening behaviour.

Major changes to Vehicle Road Tax

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

10:40am Thursday 4th September 2014

FROM 1 October 2014, there are 3 changes to be aware of:

How to Rent – a Checklist

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

6:03pm Monday 11th August 2014

For people who cannot afford to buy their own home, and don’t qualify for social housing, the only option is to rent in the private sector.

Citizens' Advice: New name, for a new district wide service

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

12:10pm Monday 9th June 2014

For the past 18 months, Cumbria Rural Citizens Advice Bureau has been expanding its service, to meet local demand for free, impartial and confidential advice.

Bailiffs - new rules come into force

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

1:30pm Tuesday 6th May 2014

FROM April, Bailiffs will have to follow new rules and processes when collecting debts.

Citizens' Advice: Be wise to Scams

The Westmorland Gazette: Wirral Citizen's Advice Bureau extends its business

4:10pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

We are hearing of more and more scams in our area, stay safe with our tips.

Help make ESA Fit for Work

The Westmorland Gazette: Citizens Advice Bureau

11:10am Tuesday 4th March 2014

Across the country, Citizens Advice and bureaux are campaigning to ensure sick and disabled people are being treated fairly when claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Citizens' Advice: Top Tips for Christmas Gifts

6:59pm Tuesday 5th November 2013

Top Tips for Christmas Gifts If you shop using Ebay then don’t get caught out buying from outside the UK where your consumer rights are not as strong if there’s a problem. Under ‘Item Location’ select ‘UK only’ to generate a list of items that are within the UK.

Buying a Used Car? Check it don't regret it

5:03pm Tuesday 8th October 2013

Buying a Used Car? Check it don't regret it National Consumer Week starts 4 November 2013 and the CAB are launching a month-long campaign to raise awareness about buying a used car. More than 80,000 people contact the CAB each year with used car problems making it the biggest consumer issue.

Blog: How to deal with debt

2:37pm Tuesday 27th August 2013

If you're in debt, don't panic.

How to reduce the junk mail you receive

10:42am Tuesday 9th July 2013

As we are all encouraged to recycle, it becomes clear that junk mail accounts for a significant part of unwanted paper.

Blog: Help make dangerous dogs a thing of the past

5:55pm Friday 7th June 2013

The Lake District is a wonderful place for dogs with an endless variety of walks and some pubs, cafes, shops and hotels welcoming our 4-legged friends.

Blog: Adding up the cost of education

5:54pm Friday 7th June 2013

According to Government data 8.5% of children live in poverty in South Lakeland.

Blog: How to avoid being the victim of a scam

5:53pm Friday 7th June 2013

Scams are schemes to cheat people out of their money.

Comment: Don't let payday loans get out of hand

3:57pm Tuesday 12th March 2013

Payday loans are a fast but often dangerous way to borrow money and can have damaging long-term consequences.

Know your rights on rentcharges

4:33pm Monday 4th February 2013

This is the time of year when many freehold households across South Lakeland receive annual ‘Rentcharge’ demands.

Dealing with cold callers and text pests

4:30pm Monday 4th February 2013

Claims management companies should be banned from cold calling as new figures show three in five people surveyed were pestered by phone calls, emails and spam texts from these firms at some point each week.

New rules on wheel clamping

4:29pm Monday 4th February 2013

From 1 October wheel clamping was banned on private land.

Blog: Home sweet home

3:00am Thursday 1st November 2012

Housing is always a contentious issue in Central Lakes, with so many holiday homes and second homes some villages can seem like ghost towns in the wet winter months.

Blog: Make energy savings and keep warm

1:09pm Tuesday 16th October 2012

According to Government figures, 1 in 5 homes across South Lakes are defined as being in ‘fuel poverty’ spending at least 10% of household income keeping the home warm.

Blog: Payday loans – know your rights

1:06pm Tuesday 16th October 2012

Payday loans are for relatively small sums of money for short periods of time but they attract extremely high rates of interest.

Blog: Planning your future? Know your rights!

9:41am Wednesday 1st August 2012

August is an anxious time for many young people awaiting exam results and planning their future.

Blog: Need free help after an operation or illness?

9:39am Wednesday 1st August 2012

Reablement is a service provided by Cumbria County Council through the Adult Social Care department.

Citizen's Advice blog: Beware Rogue Traders – know your rights!

2:30pm Friday 4th May 2012

Across the country Citizens Advice and Trading Standards teams have seen an increase in reported problems with goods and services.

Citizen's Advice blog: Plug the debt

2:38pm Wednesday 4th April 2012

As we head into spring and hopefully warmer weather, it’s a good time to sort out any debts.

Citizen's Advice blog: Fares fair?

2:36pm Wednesday 4th April 2012

According to official Government statistics there are almost 1000 people on Jobseekers Allowance in the South Lakes electoral area.

Citizen's Advice Blog: February 2011

4:20pm Saturday 4th February 2012

The Government is working on plans to reform Employment law, and some of these could come into effect as soon as April 2012 if the Parliamentary timetable goes to plan.

Citizen's Advice Blog: January 2011

4:22pm Wednesday 4th January 2012

Most of the advisers are trained volunteers helping people with their problems – would you like to join us?

Help us change things for the better

5:07pm Friday 2nd December 2011

Citizens Advice blog: As well as helping people on a one-to-one basis with problems once they have happened, your local CAB also tries to tackle the root cause of the problem

Save money on 0870 phone calls

3:38pm Tuesday 1st November 2011

Do you object to paying premium telephone rates?

Get a better energy deal

3:37pm Tuesday 1st November 2011

It can be extremely complicated to change energy supplier and with confusing bills it can be hard to work out the savings for all the effort.

Desperate times, desperate consumers

3:35pm Tuesday 1st November 2011

Con merchants and rogue traders have never had it so good.

Check your benefit entitlement

3:33pm Tuesday 1st November 2011

Did you know that the CAB offer a free benefit check service so that you can check you are not missing out money and assistance you may be entitled to?

Give us a break!

3:40pm Friday 24th June 2011

Has your boss stopped you taking holiday? Have you not been paid for holidays? Have you left a job with holiday not yet taken and not been paid for it?

Remember to renew your tax credits

10:30am Friday 10th June 2011

If you claim tax credits, then every year you must renew your claim by checking and signing a statement sent to you by HMRC and sending it back by 31 July.

Are cuts to bus services affecting you?

3:38pm Friday 3rd June 2011

Several bus timetables came into effect at the end of April.

Changes to retirement and pensions

6:00pm Wednesday 16th March 2011

There’s plenty of media coverage on retirement and pensions, but it is not always clear which issues are subject to debate and which ones are actually happening.

Changes to housing benefit – will you be affected?

5:10pm Friday 18th February 2011

Big changes to housing benefits start to come into effect from April 2011.

Join the fight against cuts to legal aid

5:11pm Wednesday 16th February 2011

In November the Government announced proposals to cut legal aid by £350 million.

Take care of carers

4:40pm Tuesday 28th December 2010

Cumbria Rural and South Lakeland Citizens Advice Bureaux are urging local carers to know their new rights under the Equality Act 2010, which has now come into force.

New microsite for young people seeking advice

4:40pm Wednesday 22nd December 2010

Citizens Advice has launched a microsite www.advice4me.org.uk aimed specifically at young people under the age of 25, in order to ensure that they can access advice and information quickly and easily about the problems that concern them the most.

Don’t let the cold beat you

12:44pm Thursday 16th December 2010

Last winter 9 pensioners an hour died from ‘cold related deaths’ and around 4 million homes are said to be in ‘Fuel Poverty’ (spending more than 10% of income on heating) according to National Statistics.

Buying presents? Know your rights!

6:12pm Wednesday 15th December 2010

If you choose to buy goods from the comfort of your home it is called ‘Home shopping’ and includes anything purchased by post, telephone, fax, email, mobile phone, interactive TV and the Internet.

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