Former Westmorland Gazette reporter Emma Lidiard is travelling the world - and sharing her experiences with you via her blog

Blog: Not enough time to explore Thailand

The Westmorland Gazette: On a Thai beach

5:01pm Friday 3rd May 2013

You may have heard the words 'over-developed', 'packed with tourists' and 'crowded beaches' used to describe modern Thailand. So had I. These phrases are enough to put any traveller or tourist off visiting the country and, if it was not for the fact it was nestled neatly into our journey, I would have missed Thailand out altogether. But this would have been a terrible mistake, because now I've experience the silk-coated country it has been promoted to one of my favourite places.

Blog: Avoiding the dangers on our Malaysian adventure

5:03pm Friday 3rd May 2013

Our Malaysian adventure began with a double dose of China town. In the historic fishing town of Malacca, at the southern tip of the country, we spent one night exploring the city's lantern-lighted canal and its miniature art-shops and cafés. This Chinese-decorated area served up ice cream with sweet corn, red kidney beans, dark treacle, coconut sorbet and strawberry sauce. It was quite an awakening for my English taste buds. The contrasting textures of the individual ingredients were not appealing to me, Sam on the other hand really enjoyed it- but if you happen to come across one on a menu somewhere I recommend trying it as it was an interesting experience.

Blog: A fairytale visit to Singapore

The Westmorland Gazette: Blog: A fairytale visit to Singapore

6:16pm Friday 5th April 2013

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a kingdom where everything ran like clockwork, with no rubbish in the streets or plaguing the rivers, everybody walked around the spacious pavements smiling, the air was filled with the soft scent of flowers, toilets flushed themselves and waiters brought cold water every time someone entered from the blissful heat.

Blog: An end to our time in 'Sun Lanka'

Listening to the soothing voice of Bob Dylan while chugging through the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, with the sun beaming between the leaves and smiling locals offering me bananas, has to be one of my favourite memories on this island.

Blog: Arrival in Sri Lanka

The Westmorland Gazette: At our Sri Lankan eco-community

2:23pm Tuesday 12th March 2013

An eight hour ride on a tin bus pumping Sri Lankan's tropical pop music swept us away from the southern coast's dramatic sandy beaches and into the heart of the countryside.

Our last days in India

The Westmorland Gazette: The farm in Trivandrum

4:30pm Monday 18th February 2013

'Some things in life are destined to be', I was told by a self-proclaimed monk, who prefers to call himself a wanderer rather than a traveller and who said he dreamt of the organic farm, where we’re staying, months before he arrived.

Discovering India's culinary delights away from the tourist trail

The Westmorland Gazette: One of Emma's photos from her travels

5:10pm Tuesday 5th February 2013

Former Westmorland Gazette reporter Emma Lidiard is travelling the world. Here's the third installment of her blog . . .

Wonderful people and terrifying insects in our second week on India

The Westmorland Gazette: One of Emma's photos from her travels

3:38pm Tuesday 5th February 2013

I'm going to die when I'm 89, have a household full of children and be careful with my money; these are the predictions of an old Indian fortune teller who we meet mediating in the shady ruins of an ancient temple. He had long finger nails, young eyes and a mobile phone in his shirt pocket. We have moved on now from the sandy yellow beaches of Goa to the rocky landscape of Hampi.

Exciting experiences of our first days in India

The Westmorland Gazette: On the beach in Goa

10:49am Tuesday 5th February 2013

Former Westmorland Gazette reporter Emma Lidiard is spending a year travelling the world with her husband, Sam. They have started their adventure in India.

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