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Auction Mart

2:10pm Tuesday 10th September 2013

Market prices from Kirkby Stephen

Survey highlights starling and song thrust decline

7:10am Thursday 28th March 2013

STARLINGS and song thrushes are being seen less frequently in school grounds, according to this year’s RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

Motorcyclists 'are damaging Lake District pass'

3:40pm Tuesday 26th March 2013

MOTORCYCLISTS have been slammed for continuing to illegally use a popular Lake District pass.

Sedbergh farmer urges owners to keep their dogs under control after death of prime ewe and her unborn lambs

The Westmorland Gazette: Brian Woof

6:20pm Wednesday 13th March 2013

A SOUTH Lakeland sheep farmer is urging dog owners to keep their pets under control after losing a prime ewe and her unborn twin lambs in an attack.

Enjoyable stress!

11:50am Thursday 22nd March 2012

Mother’s Day was wonderful. Nice weather and a fantastic meal with Brian and my son at Kirkby Lonsdale – but now it’s back to business.

Awesome spirit

11:29am Friday 9th December 2011

THE Christmas Fat shows are well under way at the local auctions now. It is a time when we can all get together and show some of our stock.

Choices have to be made

5:58pm Tuesday 18th October 2011

THIS month we have been busy getting stock ready for the sales.

High risk of fluke

1:45pm Wednesday 14th September 2011

In the past, I have mentioned the parasite forecast (www.nadis. org.uk) which can indicate likely problems for livestock.

Salon for gimmers

5:46pm Tuesday 6th September 2011

THIS week we are busy among the mule gimmer lambs - mule lambs being a cross between a hill breed ewe and a blue faced Leicester tup – and a gimmer being a girl.

Weather is a pain

6:44pm Wednesday 24th August 2011

THE weather is being quite a pain at the moment.

Plan for lambing

6:52pm Tuesday 28th June 2011

MOST people will associate lambing with springtime, but to plan for that can mean starting in the early summer.

Whenever anyone needs a hand we will help and they help us

2:29pm Friday 24th June 2011

TODAY I’m going to tell you about farming people and families.

'We don’t always see the cow is coming ‘on heat’" - Farmer Andrew Long writes

10:35am Tuesday 14th June 2011

WELL it’s all go at the moment!

Kendal hedgehog SOS couple thanked

The Westmorland Gazette: GREAT WORK: The Dixons receive their award

5:37pm Tuesday 7th June 2011

A KENDAL couple who looked after orphaned and injured hedgehogs for 10 years have won an award.

I’ve seen many outbreaks of diseases, but the farm carries on

9:24am Tuesday 17th May 2011

I RECENTLY took part in a Radio 4 programme on foot and mouth.

Springing to life

11:57am Thursday 21st April 2011

WITH grass growing and cows being turned out, the diseases that come about while they are housed disappear.

'A good example of how farming and farm vetting has changed' - Farm vet Iain Richards writes

2:48pm Thursday 31st March 2011

IN Andrew Long’s last column on these pages he mentioned vaccinating his cattle.

Spring into action

7:27pm Friday 11th March 2011

WE HAVE taken advantage of a warm and dry spell and spread our pasture fields with fertiliser.

Busy time ahead

6:51pm Friday 25th February 2011

I am starting to see more lambs in the fields, which is a pleasant reminder of the coming spring.

Spring in the air

6:53pm Monday 21st February 2011

We’ve been putting the in-lamb sheep inside today as they are due to start lambing now.

Twin lamb alert

4:27pm Thursday 3rd February 2011

Jane Knowles’s column last week was interesting. As she says, twin lamb disease can be treated if caught early.

Spreading work

5:55pm Wednesday 2nd February 2011

WE HAVE been busy spreading slurry this week, including a couple of days carting slurry in a tanker to land which we own situated away from the farm.

Safety set in stone

5:20pm Tuesday 18th January 2011

All the snow seems to have disappeared for now and the frost has done its worst.

Check wormers

4:40pm Thursday 13th January 2011

I HAD a recent call to a slightly thin beast with a bit of diarrhoea, and a sample of dung revealed many worm eggs.

Trusty snow plough worth its weight in gold

11:55am Monday 3rd January 2011

WELL it has been a busy Christmas this time around, what with the weather we have had - snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

The lamb came out alive but a bit groggy

5:04pm Thursday 16th December 2010

OUR lambing season normally starts between Christmas and New Year, but I had the pleasant task of one last week.

Soon be lambing...

10:09am Friday 10th December 2010

WELL here we are again - Christmas around the corner, New Year coming up and before we know it it’s lambing time again!

Freeze is no help

6:21pm Thursday 9th December 2010

AS the cold spell rumbles on it does tend to make life more difficult, with water troughs freezing up and the calf rearing machine also appearing to take a dislike to the weather.

The price isn’t right

7:27pm Wednesday 24th November 2010

WE’VE been selling our calves at the auction mart where the trade seems to be generally good, but they are £20 less than this time last year.

"While he has his head in the bucket, we paint the solution on to his brisket" - Farmer Jayne Knowles writes

2:17pm Tuesday 23rd November 2010

THIS time of year we are busy marking tups every day. This is known as ‘raddleing’.

Beware milk fever

6:16pm Wednesday 10th November 2010

WITH the weather getting colder and wetter, I suspect most dairy cows will now be housed.

Boys will be boys...

6:09pm Friday 5th November 2010

I would like to start today by congratulating Shelly and Joe, my husband Brian’s daughter, on the birth of Isla - a gorgeous little granddaughter!

One of those weeks

9:15am Monday 25th October 2010

IT’S all go at the moment! We’ve had one of those weeks where we’ve got it all planned out and you know what will happen but everything seems to work against you.

Wonder never dims

3:12pm Thursday 14th October 2010

THERE are few finer sights for a vet than that of new born young.

It’s three Ts season

2:36pm Monday 11th October 2010

IT’S that time of year again ‘the three Ts’ - tups, teeth and testicals. All of these are important when purchasing breeding rams.

"Third cut of silage done and dusted" - Farmer Andrew Long writes

9:42am Monday 4th October 2010

DESPITE the recent bad weather, during a gap in the rain we took a chance at trying to get our third cut silage - and the gamble paid off.

Farmer takes reins of conservation charity

12:40pm Wednesday 15th September 2010

AN APPLEBY farmer has been appointed as chairman of a conservation charity which wants to strengthen its links with the agricultural community.

"One of the biggest problems is pneumonia in calves" - Vet Iain Richards writes

1:15pm Friday 3rd September 2010

WHILE today’s (Thursday) county show is a high point of the year for us, it also marks the point when we start to plan for the winter.

A champion week

3:28pm Tuesday 31st August 2010

WHAT a week we’ve had. It started with Ravenstonedale Show where we got reserve champion with a five shear ewe – shear meaning how many times she has been clipped.

"We've made some excellent hay this year" - Farmer Andrew Long writes

12:11pm Friday 25th June 2010

DOWN on the farm we are just on with getting ready to get our second cut silage as it has started to ‘head’.

Rough fell still the best

2:56pm Tuesday 8th June 2010

I am writing this tonight at 11.30pm after just arriving home from Stirling.

By heck is it good stuff

9:50am Tuesday 1st June 2010

WELL things are as busy as ever at the moment and we’ve got our first cut silage off.

"It hasn't been the best lambing time this year" - Farmer Jayne Knowles writes

10:07am Thursday 6th May 2010

BRRR!! How flipping cold is it?

"Replacement cows are milking very well" - Farmer Andrew Long writes

9:51am Friday 30th April 2010

WE’VE finally let our milk cows out to grass to graze for a couple of hours a day so they can get used to the change in their diet.

It’s as busy as ever down on farm

5:52pm Wednesday 14th April 2010

WELL things are as busy as ever down on the farm - we’re just on with repairing the cow tracks ready for when they go out, and we’re also putting up a few wall gaps that have appeared lately after the recent outbreak of wet weather.

Dairy industry in a very rocky situation

9:44am Friday 9th April 2010

WELL things are as busy as ever down on the farm - we’re just on with repairing the cow tracks ready for when they go out, and we’re also putting up a few wall gaps that have appeared lately after the recent outbreak of wet weather.

At last we can do some spring work

1:27pm Tuesday 23rd March 2010

WE HAVE been busy with our spring work such as chain harrowing and rolling the land to push down any loose stones which have appeared over winter.

"I could do with a couple more tractors" - Farmer Mike Taylor writes

9:49am Monday 15th March 2010

WELL it looks like winter is finally over, whether spring is here remains to be seen.

Wintering sheep have gone home

5:48pm Monday 8th March 2010

THE recent dry spell has allowed us to get our lime spread on the land and so far we’ve spread about 70 acres.

Farming at Selside in March

9:44am Friday 5th March 2010

AS I write the column this week I am looking out of the window at a beautiful sunny day and, oh how I am praying it will be like this for lambing time.

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